Poverty Alleviation Program

Poverty is acute in Bangladesh particularly in rural areas. A large majority of the rural population is living below the poverty line. They have little access to resources and therefore find no way to change their condition. If they can be provided with some resources they can make themselves self employed and engaged in income generation activities, which will definitely help them to change their lot. Under the circumstances, Organization has undertaken various programs, which includes organizing the poor, awareness rising through weekly meeting, skill development, self-capital formation through weekly saving, micro finance or capital support for self employment and income generation. A brief report of the major components of this is given below:

Group Formation:

Organizing the poor is one of the important components of micro-finance program. Organization organizes the poor (i.e. whose land possession is less than 1 acre of land or whose income is less than expenditure on basic needs) in groups. Each group consists of 20 members. Male and Female groups are separated.

Group Activities:

In the group meetings various socio-economic issues such as primary health care, nutrition, literacy, necessity of pure drinking water, sanitation, literacy, income-generating activities, family values, social issues, environmental issues, moral teaching etc. were discussed.

In 2016, the groups have reached at 1450 in which female groups are 900 and the rest are male groups. In this group females are 17920, males 10897 total 28817 members. A president and a secretary who are elected by the consent of the group members lead groups. Each group has to meet once a week under the supervision a field organizer of organization.

Poverty Alleviation ProgramCapital Support:

Generally, the people of the rural area are mostly low-income group. Organization has taken initiatives for giving a small credit support in kind form for the rural poor. The credit is offered for small scale income-generating activities such as cattle rearing, small trading, House building, house repairing, fish culture, rickshaw-van pulling, poultry rearing, and various crops culture etc. Credit is given for 46 weeks and recovery is made on equal weekly installment basis. The recovery rate is satisfactory, which is 99%. (in average).

Conditions of getting support:

  • He/she must be a member of the group.
  • Must be involved in 3-months group activities
  • Regular attendance in group meeting
  • Should learn basic literacy at least to know how to sign
  • Should learn to prepare oral saline
  • Should send their children to educational institutions
  • To plant at least 5 saplings of fruit and cash giving trees
  • Cultivate vegetables if land is available
  • Free from social allegations.

Self Savings and capital formation:

Every group member has to save at least Tk. 10.00 (Ten Taka) per week. Savings are collected in the weekly meeting. Organization returns it after one year with profit.