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Network for Universal Services and Rural Advancement


Network for Universal Services and Rural Advancement was formed in 1995 and registered as a non-government, non-profit humanitarian development organization dedicated to contribute in poverty alleviation, education, literacy, training, health services, rehabilitation, agriculture and rural development, preservation and development of environmental issues, social development and behavioral changes in the community, research and publication.

Started its journey in the year of 1995, NGO has been implementing a number of development programs including Agriculture, poultry, fisheries, poverty alleviation, health, education, women and children development, disability rehabilitation, environment and afforestation, aboriginal development, disaster preparedness & management, relief and rehabilitation, social awareness, advocacy, development of human capacity and skills aiming to reduce vulnerability of the disadvantaged people under the technical and financial support of national and international development agencies and from individuals.

NGO dreams for a society where every individual will be able to live in an atmosphere of peace and harmony, free from exploitation, oppression and starvation; where every individual will get equal and rightful shares to the resources belongs to the society. It believes that the active and critical participation of the non-privileged section of the society can ensure the sustained developmental efforts in the rural areas.

NGO strongly believes in active participation of community people target population concept for its basic development efforts in which the focus is the destitute and disadvantaged poor with emphasis on children and women. The organization follows regular monitoring, feedback, sharing experiences and immediate action for the successful implementation of the projects/programs. It is dedicated to foster qualitative and quantitative improvement in the living standard of the target beneficiaries.

The organization adopted the policy to work in that area where the people are comparatively more vulnerable. Its programs specially targeted to render its support to remove social injustice and bring a society free from discrimination.

The organization handing over relief to the flood affected people


Organization visualizes a poverty free just and advanced society based on moral and human values, popular participation and sound environment, where people enjoy an equal opportunity for actualization and self-development.



Socio-economic development, establishment of moral and human values and self dependent of the underprivileged rural people.